Thursday, August 25, 2011

"World's Softest Yarn" Batt

We are batting up a blend our friend Robin calls "the Batt for World's Softest Yarn." Robin is heading up Spin Along, which will start in September. We are selling these batts undyed and thought it would be a neat part of the Spin Along to also Dye Along.

Blend: Superfine Merino, Baby Camel Down, Tussah Silk, Texas Grown Kid Mohair (by Mom's goats), Baby Suri Alpaca.

Once we get this one underway, we may make this a series with different blends. Feel free to join us and after you spin up this blend you might suggest another blend, your idea for the "WORLD'S SOFTEST YARN Batt!"

Friday, August 12, 2011

Needle Felting a Pin Cushion

Materials used: Corriedale Wool, Student Punch Needle, Lamb Creamer

Other types of items that can be turned into a pin cushion. If your container is wider at the opening than the bottom (like the Swan in the picture), you may need to glue your felted wool into place.

Cutie Patooty.

Stuff a large amount of wool into your vessel.

Pack it in nice and tight.

Add more wool if needed.

Stab repeatedly.

It will compress as it felts.

Add more wool to the top as needed to make a rounded "mushroom."

Keep on stabbing. Keeping your fingers out of the way!

Ta Da!! Isn't she awesome!

Bollywood Batt

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shearlock & Sonata Came to Play!!

We were honored to have Shearlock & Sonata in our Phat Fiber Box!!

Having them means we had the best sample for the Art Nouveau theme.

Right away they played in the wool!

Then it was time to get to work. They helped us pick out the materials for the August "Bollywood" Box. Great taste, Shearlock!! Superfine Merino!

Now it is time to batt it up!! Sonata loves the carder!

Cool dip in the glitz!

Fun on the Farm!

Cotton Pickin'


Kissin' Ginny

Team Meeting!


Gettin' down and dyeing!

Margaritas and Fajitas!

Make mine a double!