Friday, June 15, 2012

10 and a Half Reasons I Love
Dyeing Classes at WC Mercantile by Jo Poindexter
11.     It's fun! 
Students laugh and brag.  You're so proud you show your work to strangers. 
22.      Everyone at W.C. Mercantile is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.
At W. C. Mercantile, you can purchase the supplies you need to work at home. 
33.     Big investment not needed.
It doesn't take a lot of supplies or a big investment to get a great result.  (Until you go nuts and decide to convert your garage to a state of the art dye shed.) 
44.      Some students develop a crush on the teacher. 
Loretta Eaton (L-0-R-E-TT-A E-A-T-O-N) teaches the class.
55.      You can do this at home.
You can go home, use what you learn, and get a great result. 
66.      You learn to be safe. 
You'll learn to handle the chemicals safely in class and at home.
77.      It's about the color. 
You learn how to use the dyes, but really it's about the color.
88.      It releases your creativity.
The class includes exercises to increase your creativity (or, for the creativity
challenged -- how to recognize that you really do have some).
99.      You can look pitiful.
If you're good at this, Loretta will give you hints.
110.  Encouragement is free.
WC Mercantile and Loretta are encouraging and foster sharing. 
111.  Everyone's welcome.
You are welcome no matter what your skill level.  Everyone learns something new.
112.  Critiques are offered lovingly.
Loretta and Stephanie will constructively criticize, even the work you do later at home.
113.   Color - Color - Color
You learn to mix and use dyes to get different, more vibrant colors.
101/2.    The yarn or fiber you take home will be beautiful.
            Ok -- so this is actually 13 1/2.  Delete 3 that don't apply to you and you'll have 10 1/2.